Scrapping Brass and Aluminum Radiator

Brass Radiator Scrap MetalTo prevent overheating, vehicle engines require radiators to pass coolant through malleable fins cmetarafted out of brass and aluminum. Older automobiles often have brass fins in their radiators, while newer cars use aluminum which is a lighter metal of choice. As you can already tell, there is plenty of opportunity when it comes to scrapping your brass and aluminum radiators for recycling. If you have an old vehicle that needs to be scrapped, you can extract the radiator and bring it to a scrapping center us as a “clean” or “dirty” radiator. Clean radiators will give you a higher price as they have been stripped of excess iron and plastic. 

Preparing Radiators For Scrap

With the right tools and a little effort, you can clean up radiators for a higher asking price at our scrap facility. This involves gathering a reciprocating saw like a Sawzall, safety gloves and safety glasses. You can remove ends off of radiators and piece out the fins. You will need to sort between aluminum and brass types so that they will be weighed and priced out accordingly when you bring them in. If you have other materials that you want to scrap, check our Materials We Buy to see if we take those, then bring them in. Just remember, for the highest value, the cleaner the materials the better. And it is always a good idea to organize and separate out other materials. 

How Much Is Radiator Scrap Worth?

The price of radiator scrap depends on whether it is clean, dirty, aluminum or brass. Different pieces of the radiators also can be priced at other rates too. To get the most accurate prices for your scrap, please contact Harry's Metals for our current quotes. If you have a very large load of scrap metal to transport, you can also use our scrap container services to make it easier for safe transportation to our facility. 

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