Harry's Metals: Committed to Environmental Compliance

Renewable Wind EnergyAt Harry's Metals, we know that metal recycling saves natural resources, energy, and consumption of landfill space. However, behind recycling processes are machines that need fuel sources to operate. To help lower our dependence on fossil fuel consumption, Harry's Metals relys on renewable energy sources stemming from wind power generated near Akron. This energy powers our equipment and commercial space, contributing to a cleaner environment. With our efforts to decrease our carbon footprint, we have received recognition from the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) as a Green Power Partner.

Continuing Environmental Efforts

Harry's Metals will continue to contribute to efforts to use renewable energy, reduce pollution and encourage recycling. Our scrap locations offer easy access, quick payment, and fair prices for residents and businesses across Akron, Ohio. We accept a wide selection of metal materials to help our community keep toxic waste from contaminating local resources. Contact us today to recycle your scrap metals at one of our four locations! 

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