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We recycle a variety of automotive scrap metals!



Cash For Scrap Cars

If you have a lot of auto scrap or a few parts to bring in, we can still help! Our facilities are equipped to serve large businesses and smaller projects. Individual owners of a car or a company with a lot full of junked cars can benefit from our scrap metal services. We will sort through a variety of parts, from aluminum rims, transmissions, car batteries, frames, steering components and more. 

In the auto industry, recycling metal components is a highly efficient process that returns a large percentage of resources to manufacturers each year. With recycled metal, producing cars requires less invasive mining operations to extract new materials. Harry's Metals helps move the process along by paying you cash for your metal, then making sure the scrap gets into the right hands to be recycled. If you are in Akron, OH in need of automotive scrap metal recycling services, give us a call!


Examples of Automotive Scrap:Automotive Scrap Metal Recycling in Akron NY

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If you have automotive scrap metal from parts or you want cash for your scrap car,  we will provide an honest price, you can depend on Harry's Metals. Our facility is capable of handling various sized projects. We even offer customized container services, depending on your scrapping needs. For more information about our rates and services, please contact us today! If you're looking to sell your car, please call: 616-5BUYCAR.

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