Trailer Bodies & Frame Recycling

trailer recyclingTrailer bodies have an opportunity to bring you a high yield for your scrap recycling. If you have a trailer that is no longer serviceable to you, why not scrap it for some cold hard cash? Oftentimes, trailers are made out of aluminum, steel, or cast iron. However, if you have a trailer that is composed of other metals, don’t worry, we will still likely buy it. At Harry’s Metals, we buy your old trailer for competitive prices. We will inspect the trailer and use our knowledge of the current market prices to provide you with the highest yield possible.

Why You Should Scrap/Recycle Your Old Trailer?

Old/abandoned trailers can not only clutter up your property, but they can also be hazardous to the environment. Depending on where you are, old abandoned trailers could even pose as a hazard to the public, mainly wandering children. If you have trailers that are unused anyway, why allow them to sit and take up space when you can scrap them for cash? Our experts will examine your trailer and pay you as much as we can. Please note, we adjust our price based on the condition of the trailer and the cleanliness of it. Different metals and combinations of metals will yield different prices. It all depends on the market at the time of the recycling. 

We recycle the metal without contaminating the environment, so it is a win-win. Do right by the earth, and get paid cash for it. When you work with us, you are ensured professionalism, transparency, and proper customer service. 


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