Electrical Scrap Recycling

Electrical scrap recycling can often be a challenge. Getting rid of electrical waste is difficult at times because certain materials can only be disposed of in certain places. Luckily, Harry’s Metals can help take the guesswork out of electrical scrap recycling. In fact, we pay you top dollar for your electrical scrap when you need to bring home a little extra cash. 

Electrical Scrap We TakeElectrical Scrap Recycling

Why Choose Us?

The Harry’s Metals advantage is that we can accept a large variety and a large quantity of electrical scrap. If you have a lot of electrical scrap metal that needs recycling we can help. When the quantity of scrap is so overwhelming, we offer container services. Simply fill up the container that we leave at your location, and we will come back and haul it to our facility. 

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We always pay top dollar for your scrap and make sure there are no surprises. Many of our customers are returning customers who not only enjoy getting paid for their scrap, but enjoy doing business with us because of our customer service.

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