Aluminum Wire Recycling

Aluminum Wire Recycling in AKron OH

Aluminum electrical wiring became popular in the late 1960s as a cheaper alternative to copper. One of the main differences is the conductivity of the metal. Aluminum wiring is thick, containing more aluminum to compensate than other metals. This was a popular metal to use for wiring due to the nature of its price. Being cheaper was a good incentive. Aluminum was found to have been quicker to spark a fire if the wiring had faulty connections. If you have come across and abundance of old aluminum wiring, you can bring it to Harry's Metals for recycling and get paid!

What Items Commonly Contain Aluminum Wire? 

Homes often contain aluminum wiring from the home circuitry. It is not too commonly found in consumer electronic devices or other applicances. But, it can also be found in buildings, usualy resulting in large loads that yield higher payments. We are a popular aluminum scrap recycling company for electricians who come across abundate quantities of electrical wiring on their jobs. So, if you are an electrician, definitely give us a call, we have worked with many and know we will be able to pay you. For individuals who just happen to come across or have access to aluminum wire scrap, we invite you to do the same thing as we take quantities of all kinds!

Contact Harry's Metals For Aluminum Scrap Pricing

Harry's Metals strives to offer the fairest pricing for aluminum wire scrap metal across Akron, OH.  We are constantly keeping up with the market and prices to make sure you get the cash you want. We are accessible to many returning contractors and business partners and proudly serve our customers who oftentimes end up coming back to use frequently. If you would like to learn more about the latest pricing for your aluminum wire, please contact us today! 

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