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In many electric motors found in various devices around the house, there are a variety materials that go into the creation of the motor. This can be an electric motor in anything from fans, vacuums, and computers, to large motors in appliances and power systems. If your device breaks down and repairs are out of the question, do not throw it out! Instead, get paid cash for your electric motor recycling. As the premier electric motor scrap recycling company in Akron, OH, we will be sure that you get paid the best value possible! If getting paid cold  hard cash for your “junk”sounds too good to be true, just give us a call. We will explain why so many customers rely on us to buy their scrap. With demand for materials to be recycled, our processing facility can buy your scrap, process the materials down to the required condition for recycling, and then inject those materials back into circulation of different markets. 


How To Recycle Your Electric Motor Scrap

Whether you have small or large electric motors, scrapping these items can be a nice way to earn extra cash. If you have a little extra time and energy to put into pre-scrapping prep, you could boost your bottom line. If you take the time to unhinge the motors and copper wiring out of the appliances or devices, you can earn more. You can even clip off some of the wiring, which may be copper or aluminum, which can also be scrapped at our facility. This often requires simple power tools, but is not too difficult of a process.  If you have especially large electric motors or a high quantity, we offer a hauling service that can retrieve your electric motors. You will still be able to get paid in cold hard cash!


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