Light Ballasts Scrap RecyclingLight Ballast Recycling in Buffalo NY Services For Akron, OH

No matter how you have come across your light ballasts, Harry’s can help make sure you get paid for your scrap metal. There are different materials that make up a ballast, this can include glass, wires, and varying types of metal. Sometimes, depending on the ballast, there may be regulations against PCBs found in them that require special disposal. Sometimes, normal recycling facilities cannot handle these. If you are a building owner or a contractor and you are able to scrap these light ballasts, it may be in your best interest to bring them to Harry’s Metals, or at least call us to discuss your options. If we can, we will scrap and recycle as many components as possible, and pay you cash for them!


How To Recycle Light Ballasts

The best way to recycle your ballasts is to remove all the non-metal materials and check to see if there are any hazardous materials in them. If there are PCB’s, give us a call because the regulations are likely different. Remove glass and external wiring for the best sortability and highest yield. If you have a large quantity of light ballasts, Harry's Metals can send out our container service trucks and haul the scrap back to our facility for processing. Making it easy for you to get your cash without having to worry about transportation efforts.

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If you have light ballasts that need recycling, please call Harry's Metals. We are often able to pay customers cold hard cash with ease, barring they don't have any regulatory hinderances for their scrap materials. We constantly monitor differnet markets so we can give you the best price for your scrap materials. If you have any questions, please call us to learn more about our scrapping services or to check and see if we can accept your scrap. 

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