Copper Electrical Wire Recycling

Copper Wire Recycling in Akron, OH

With the highest electrical conductivity rating across all non-precious metals, copper has been used in electrical wiring and cable conductor manufacturing for more than a century. Through advances in telecommunications and digital technology, the use of electricity continues to rapidly expand. With high demand, your copper wire recycling will not only provide you with easy cash but will also be rewarding knowing that you are helping the economy and the environment by recycling. 

What Items Commonly Contain Copper? 

Electronic devices of all kinds include copper wiring and conductors, such as computers, televisions, and phones. Large household appliances like dishwashers, laundry units and refrigerators also contain insulated copper wires. Oftentimes as well, smaller appliances ranging from coffee makers, toaster ovens and blenders also include copper wiring in their circuitry. There are generally plenty of opportunities to find and collect scrap wiring for recycling. Whether you are a contractor with access to tons of scrap metal within a home you are remodeling or are slowly collecting scrap copper from various items over time, just know that Harry's Metals will be ready for you when the time comes to turn it in for a profit. 

What Type Of Copper Wire Can I Scrap? 

While not every scrapping facility will take just any type of copper wire, Harry's Metals accepts different varieties, from insulated copper wiring to bare stripped wires. If you are not sure about what kind of copper wiring you have or you just have an enormous pile, our team will gladly sort through your collection and compensate you fairly. Just know, that the more pure and clean the copper is, the higher your yield will be. However, we realize that not everyone will have the time or even want to sort through everything, especially if it is a larger amount. For larger quantities of copper wire, we can provide scrap container services to ease transportation arrangements to haul it back to our facility for processing. Then, we can pay you cold hard cash!

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Harry's Metals strives to offer the fairest pricing for copper wire scrap metal across Akron. We are constantly keeping up with the market and following the prices of all kinds of materials throughout different industries, so we can give you the best price! We are accessible to many returning contractors and business partners. If you would like to learn more about the latest pricing for your copper wire, please contact us today!

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