Insulated Wire Scrap Metal

Insulated Wire Scrap Metal

Wires are usually covered with insulation, protecting the electricity they conduct throughout the circuitry of the equipment we use. This is also a safety benefit to help protect against electrical problems and like shorting and even fires. Under the insulation is usually some sort of copper or aluminum metal wiring. There are a large variety of sizes and types of wires that are used for many different purposes. From appliances in a home to completely rewiring older buildings, gathering insulated wires and organizing them for scrapping purposes can add great value to your bottom line. 

How To Scrap Insulated Wires

There are several ways to scrap insulated wires. For those who do not have the proper insulation stripping equipment or the time to sort through a heavy load of wires, many scrapping centers will take insulated wires and pay you for a mixed metal wire price. Harry's Metals will provide you with the best yield possible for your stripped wires. So, if you have the determination to put in a little extra work, you can see greater yield. Wire stripping can be beneficial especially with thicker wires, however, most scrapping centers have efficient machines that can do it more quickly and safely, bringing down your profits from stripping it yourself when you do not have a large enough quantity or time to do so. We recommend you call Harry's Metals to talk about your specific situation. If we can help, we certainly will. If you have come into a large quantity of insulated wires that you need scapped, we can arrange for a container service to come to your location. Then, we can haul it back to our facility for processing. 

Contact Harry's Metals For Current Scrap Metal Prices

If you have insulated wires from electrical work or old appliances, you can bring them to Harry's Metals for fair compensation. We are constantly keeping up with prices and material value within the market, so we can fully understand the industry, trends, and prices. We want to be able to pay you as much as we can! Contact us today to learn about our latest prices for different types of insulated wires!

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