Contracting Lead Recycling For Akron, OH

Contracting Lead RecyclingHarry’s Metals is the leading contracting lead recycling company in Akron, OH with an unmatched combination of fair and competitive pricing. When you want cold hard cash for your lead recycling, think Harry’s Metals. We frequently get customers who are contractors that come into large quantities of lead, and other metals alike. From stainless steel to copper and aluminum, we scrap and process it all!


Recycling Your Contracting Lead Products

Our team of professionals understand not only the different types of metals, but also an in depth understanding of the minute details that change the values within one type of metal, including lead.  These values may change depending on whether your scrap is lead from plumbing projects, cables, wires, decorative pieces, and much more. 


Why Choose Us

Our main objective is to ensure that you receive the best value for your scrap as possible. We encourage you to check our current prices at any time you’d like. We make it really easy, even if you have large quantities of metal. Our container services will drop off a container to your location and then haul it back to our facility for processing. As an added bonus, you are doing a service to the Akron, OH community and to the earth by recycling. Not to mention, while getting paid!


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If you are in the Akron, OH area and you have contracting lead that you need scrapped and recycled, rely on Harry’s Metals! Call us for more information today!

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