Aluminum Gutters and Siding

Aluminum Gutter Scrap Metal Recycling in Akron OH

Aluminum is a popular choice among builders and homeowners in construction effeorts due to its durable and lightweight attributes. Excellent for exteriors, aluminum has been found in many gutter and siding applications. Unlike other metals, such as steel, aluminum does not rust, making it an excellent choice for outdoor uses. When aluminum is found in siding, it is typically not pure. It is, usually paired with another material, such as vinyl. But, many homes and businesses rely on aluminum for their gutters because of the properties that aluminum has.

Where Can I Get Money For Aluminum Scrap Metal? 

If you are in the Akron, OH area and you have come across an abundance of aluminum scrap metal, or even smaller portions, you can rely on Harry's Metals. Many residential and commercial contractors for construction and remodeling have done business with us as they typically have more access to these kinds of metals in higher quantities. To help make your recycling efforts easier on your end, we have the option to provide container services that will travel to your site. These will then be hauled back to Harry's Metals where processing will take place. Best part is, you get paid quickly for decluttering your site, helping the economy, and helping the environment. We will give you a fair price, as we are constnatly monitoring the market for the best prices possible. Making money with scrap aluminum from gutters and siding has never been so easy!

Contact Harry's Metals For Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices

If you have aluminum scrap metal from your contracting work, Harry's Metals will give you every ounce of fair compensation you deserve. You can stop by or give us a call for more information on prices, procedures, and to see if we will take your scrap. We do, after all, accept a large array of scrap metal for recycling. Industry prices fluctuate on a regular basis, so call our staff to learn about the most updated rates. Contact Harry's Metals to schedule service today! 

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