Gas Grills and Stoves Scrap Recycling

Gas Grill Scrap Metal Recycling in Buffalo NY

Scrapping a grill or stove can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash and help to prevent precious metals from going to waste. Grills and stoves can be an excellent source of steel, aluminum, copper, and other types of metals. You don’t have to wait for your own stove or grill to falter to get paid this way. People are always tossing out old grills on the side of the road. Collecting up peoples discarded grills can be a great way to improve your opportunity for cash. If you are a contractor or real estate investor who comes across old stoves and gas grills, this is a great opportunity to scrap them for some extra cash.

How To Scrap Grills and Stoves

There is some work that needs to be done when scrapping old gas grills and stoves. First, you will want to remove all the parts that are not metal, such as plastic and wood. If you can sort through the metals and categorize them, this will help to improve your return on investment. To help identify they types of metals  you are working with to better categorize them, you can take a magnet to the metals. Cast aluminum and stainless steel will not stick to the magnet and those metals have the highest yield per pound. 

If you come into a very large quantity of these metals from several grills and stoves, we do offer container services. For our container services, we drop off a container, you simply fill it up with the sorted metals, and we come back and haul it to our facility for processing. 

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