Metal Cabinets & Shelves Recycling

Metal Shelves Recycling in Buffalo NY

Metal storage, cabinets, and shelves are a great opportunity for metal recycling when needed. When old metal cabinets are no longer needed or are being changed over, you have great opportunity to get a nice cash payment for your metal sc

How To Scrap Metal Cabinets and Shelves

Instead of junking your cabinets and sending them off to a landfill, you have Harry's Metals as an option. An option that will pay you cash for your materials. Not only that, but we make it so easy for you since we have scrap metal container services that will haul your metal. Simply order a container, fill it up (sort the metals categorically as much as possible for the highest yeild) and you're done! After that, we will come to our site, haul the container away back to our facility for processing. The best part is, you get paid quickly! 

Contact Harry's Metals For The Latest Pricing

For the best yield, rely on us. We regularly keep up with market trends and the industry to monitor the prices. Something that is extremely important to our business also is how we treat our customers. We treat everyone who comes through our door with dignity and respect. Making us a favorite for returning customers. When you choose Harry's for metal cabinet and shelve recycling you: get paid, get treated right, do well for the environment. It really is a win-win situation for all. Contact us today!

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