Copper & Aluminum Cores

Copper & Aluminum CoresHarry’s Metals is the leading metal scrap recycling company in Akron, OH. We buy a large variety of grades of metals and materials including non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. Offering competitive prices for our scrap is part of the core of our business. We regularly keep up with market prices on various metals to make sure you are getting the best value. 


Copper Core Recycling in Buffalo, NY

Copper is highly sought after due to its multi-use functionality across different industries. We even make sure to get precisely the value of your copper. By using our certified scales, we can measure very small amounts of weight to thousands of pounds. Making us a great resource for any amount of copper you have. We frequently deal with contractors who come into large amounts of copper cores for recycling. 


Aluminum Core Recycling in WNY

Every year in the U.S. and Canada, over five million tons of aluminum are scrapped and recycled. We take part in this demand by accepting and offering fair market prices for thousands of tons of aluminum every year. We used our same scales to accurately measure the amount of aluminum you have so we can pay you fairly and accurately. 

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Again, if you are in the Akron, OH area looking to make cold hard cash for your copper and aluminum cores, rely on Harry’s Metals! We look forward to meeting you and providing you the best customer service in the scrap metal recycling industry!

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