Industrial Lead Recycling

lead in batteryLead is a material that is great for remelting and removing impurities. It is extremely reusable in the production of new lead products. In fact, recycled lead is nearly identical in terms of quality and makeup in comparison to newly mined lead. For this reason, lead remains in high demand among industries that largely use lead as a raw material. 

The lead that is recycled has to undergo processing to ensure quality and reusability. This is especially important for lead-based batteries. These are crucial for millions of diesel and petrol vehicles and also used in backup power applications for telecommunications. Responsible lead recycling provides excellent environmental advantages. While lead is hazardous, recycling it minimizes its impact on the environment and helps to preserve natural resources. The energy efficiency of using recycled lead is also greater than that of collecting primary lead ore for new products. With the ability to keep the quality high in lead recycling, this makes your scrap lead very valuable as it can be used very effectively in a variety of applications. 

Get Cash For Your Lead

If you have scrap lead that you are not using or is unusable, you can still get paid in cold hard cash.  Our processes are quick, easy, and simple. It doesn’t matter what size amount of lead you have, we can take it! We have trucks that can haul your lead back to our facility for processing. Or, you can simply walk in and bring your small amount with you. Regardless, you will leave with cash! Getting paid for scrap lead has never been so easy. We are honest and will give fair prices for your scrap lead recycling. Call us today if you are unsure of what you need to do or if you have questions. We are happy to help!

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