Scrap Borings

Scrap Metal BoringsAlso known as swarf, fillings, or chips, borings are a byproduct of industrial manufacturing processes. The debris that results from work done on metal can be extremely sharp and take a long time to degrade if not properly recycled. Gathering the small pieces together to be recycled is a better way to dispose of all the borings from your facility. Not only are you exercising a safer practice of discarding your scrap borings, but you can be paid cash for your borings recycling. When you are using metals in manufacturing that is new, the quality is likely great, meaning the quality of the scrap borings is also very high. This can get you top dollar for your scrap borings. 

Schedule Scrap Container Service For Borings

As borings usually accumulate in large quantities and can be difficult to store in most facilities, we offer scrap container services that are designed to safely hold your scrap borings until you are ready to deliver a heavy load for recycling. This allows you to deliver your scrap when you have a large enough quantity to recycle and not have to worry about any logistics behind the transportation involved. SImply load the conatiners over time, and we will take care of the rest. As a side note, we recycle a large variety of different kinds of scrap, so if you have other scrap metal as a by product of your manufacturing, you can check out our Materials We Buy page to see if we can pay you for other scrap materials. Contact our team to discuss the different container sizes we have available!

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If you have scrap borings that you want to recycle for a fair price, contact Harry's Metals for the latest pricing today! We'll help answer any questions you have about the particular type of metal borings you have and any other questions you have about the scrapping process in Akron. We are constantly keeping up on the prices for many materials in the market, so we can provide you with the best value for your scrap borings. 

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