Scrap Punchings

Scrap Metal PunchingsThrough the process of creating holes in metal, a punching machine pierces the metal and extrudes a little piece of scrap that can be recycled, remelted or discarded. Punchings vary in their metallic composition based on the products being made, but as they are foundry grade material, they can be brought in to be recycled by a metal scrapping facility to be returned at a competitive rate that improves your bottom line. Whether you are bringing them in on their own in large quantities or you have them as extra material 

Schedule Scrap Container Service For Punchings

As punchings usually accumulate through high volume production lines, we offer scrap container services that can hold large volumes of punchings until you want to have them transported for to our facility for scrap punching recycling. This allows you to safely move your scrap punchings over to our facility without needing to worry about the logistics behind hauling the scrap metal. Contact our team to discuss the different options we have for scrap container services which can accommodate the volume most suitable for your production output needs. This is a great way to receive extra cash for material that would otherwise be discarded and have no use. If you have other materials as well, please check out our Materials We Buy page to see if we accept those.

Find The Latest Prices For Scrap Punchings Today

If you have scrap punchings that you want to recycle for a fair price, contact Harry's Metals for the latest pricing today! Our team is always keeping up with the latest on pricing for various metals that scrap punchings may be composed of. We'll help answer any questions you have about the particular type of metal punchings you have and any other questions you have about scrapping in Akron.