Lead Acid Auto Battery Recycling

Lead Car Battery ScrapBatteries are often built with a variety of metals. These metals can be composed of lead, zinc, mercury, nickel, lithium, and aluminum. Batteries are important to recycle and not discard in the trash because of their impact on the immediate environment. A battery that is discarded into the trash can have its heavy metals leach into the surrounding soil and water supplies. This could very quickly contaminate the local wildlife and plants which can lead to lead and metal poisoning. Recycling batteries is not only better for the environment, but it will also enable cheaper and safer production in the future that supports sustainable manufacturing for batteries and other products made of precious metals.

How To Recycle Car Batteries & Lead Acid Batteries

When recycling large lead batteries that come from vehicle or power arrasy, it would be best to gather a higher volume of batteries. You can return smaller amounts of batteries to some local auto shops for credit, but your best ROI will come from saving up a larger amount of batteries and bringing them to Harry’s Metals. At Harry’s Metals, we can provide you with scrap container services. All you have to do is full up the container and we will come pick it up, then haul it back to our shop. 


How Much Are Lead Acid Auto Batteries Worth? 

The yield of lead acid auto battery recycling largely depends on the price of the metals within them. Estimates fluctuate regularly, but Harry’s Metals is constantly keeping up on industry prices so you can get the best return possible. We encourage you to call us ahead of time to get an idea of the current market and an estimate at the current given time. We want to make sure we get you paid for your scrap!


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