Cast Iron Sinks & Tub Recycling

Cast Iron Sink Recycling in Akron OH

Cast iron sinks and cast iron tubs are heavy components of a bathroom, usually weighing around 300lbs. With thick walls of cast iron, these items typically can last for decades withstanding a variety of types of damages that would break other materials. If you can’t sell these to anyone or you do not need them, scrapping them is always an option for you! Not only do we do cast iron sink and tub recycling, where we pay you money on the spot, but we have a truck hauling service to come pick up your heavy cast iron items. 

Best Practices For Cast Iron Sink & Tub Recycling

For whatever reason, if you need to get rid of your cast iron sinks and tubs, do not throw them out! Instead, scrap them with us for actual cash.  The best way to get the most value from this, requires a little attention prior.  First, you will want to examine the surface for any rust. If you have surface rust, you can scrub off as much as you can to increase the value of your scrap. If you can remove other metals or materials from the tub, including faucets and knobs, you will want to do so as well. We can also scrap these other metals. 

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We have competitive prices, and are always keeping up with the market for scrap metal. Our team is highly knowledgeable so you can not only get educated on the industry, but get the best value for your cast iron sink and tub recycling. Call us today if you have any questions. We are eager to help you and get you paid!

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