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What Do You Do With Old Copper Plumbing? 

When disposing of copper piping, the best course of action is recycling. Not only are you going to get paid for your copper piping scrap, but you will be helping save the environment. Copper piping should avoid landfills as the metal can leach into the soil and contaminate groundwater sources. Another benefit is lowering the cost of manufacturing goods that require copper. Instead of having to mine, refine, and transport new copper, your recycled copper can be reprocessed at a lower cost and repurposed. 

Recycling copper pipe scrap is easy. All you have to do is bring your scrap to Harry's Metals and we will pay you on the spot. If you have large amounts of copper, we can arrive in our trucks and haul your copper back to our facility for processing. We provide honest prices and are always keeping up with the market. 

Where Can You Find Copper Piping?

Copper piping is oftentimes found in older plumbing systems. These systems have offered homes with effective and reliable drainage solutions for years. Because it is still relied on and can be used in a variety of applications in commercial and residential units, it remains popular today with a demand for the material, making your recycling valuable. You can find copper piping throughout water drains, vents, natural gas lines, potable water lines and steam transportation. Despite rising prices for copper, it remains a popular choice and is trusted by plumbing contractors, building owners, and homeowners. 

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If you are in Akron, OH and would like to get paid cold hard cash for your copper pipe recycling, then rely on Harry's Metals. We proudly provide you fair prices, an honest staff, and knowlede of the market. Call us today to get started or stop by!

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