Lead Plumbing Scrap Metal
lead faucet pipe

Lead was commonly used in homes before 1986. Often, pipes, faucets, and sinks were connected into main water lines and used throughout the house. However, it eventually became known that there is a potential for corrosion that causes lead poisoning in water. This has caused many homes to need piping removed and replaced. Lead remains in high demand as it is often used in other applications. Not only is it still widely used, but the recycling process is extremely efficient at creating lead that is almost equivalent to that of lead after mining. Your scrap lead could be a great way to get some extra cash!

Lead In The Home

From your water main, you could potentially find many different kinds of lead piping. Of course, your home would have needed to be constructed in a time when lead was used in homes. Piping, connections, sinks, and faucets are commonly found to have lead. For more information, you can call our facility and talk to our professionals about the kind of piping you may have in your home. If your piping is already out and you would like to bring it by, we can give you cash on the spot or at least provide you with a price. 

Find Out Our Current Scrap Metal Prices

Again, bring in your lead plumbing scrap for recycling. You will leave with cold hard cash. It really is that easy! If you have a large quantity of scrap, we can come to your location with our trucks and haul it back to our facility for processing. 

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