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What Do You Do With Old Steel Pipes Used For Plumbing? 

Most of the time, steel piping used in plumbing is galvenized to prevent corrosion from water contstnatly passing through. When disposing of galvenized steel piping, if placed in a landfil, the metals can leach into the soil and contaminate the surrounding environment as the metal decomposes over time. Recycling galvenized steel, instead, will help conserve resources and energy needed to mine metals. You also get the added benefit of helping preserve the environment by ensuring the steel pipe scrap gets recycled and not placed in a landfill. Recycled steel can be reworked into a variety of applications, making this a valuable metal to recycle. Harry's Metals can give you a boost in your bottom line by providing you cold hard cash for your steel piping.

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At Harry's Metals, you can find a competitive price for all your hard work. We constantly monitor the latest fluctuations in market value for different scrap metals to give our clients the best pricing available for steel piping recycling. If you have a lot of steel piping you need disposed of, our pickup service is perfect for you. Our trucks will arrive at your location and haul away your scrap steel piping. Lastly, we continue to uphold rigorous standards of excellence at all of our facilities, maintaining environmentally friendly practices recognized by 3rd-party audits and regulatory agencies.

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If you're in Akron Ohio looking for a way to earn money on your steel piping, look no further. Harry's Metals provides you with quick easy cash at a great market vaule. Contact us today to get started on your recycling.  

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