Water Heater Recycling

Water Heater RecyclingIf you are looking for a great scrapping opportunity, don’t look past water heater recycling. With a little work, you can bring in some quick cash. If you are a contractor or homeowner who has an old water heater, contact us, because you have a great recycling opportunity. We often have contractors bring in water heaters for cold hard cash, and now you can too!

Can I Bring Whole Water Heaters To Scrap Yards? 

When processing your water heaters, they are processed as light-steel, mixed metal or another variant. Sometimes, the water heaters may have extra parts attached with metal that is of higher value. This could include metals like copper, brass, and aluminum, which can be separated. Keep an eye out to bring in these other parts of the whole water heater system:

  • Copper: Heating elements, internal copper tubes, fittings and wire
  • Brass: Valves (i.e. drain valve), gas regulator, and knobs 
  • Aluminum: Pilot Light pipe, burner pipes, and valves

How Much Is A Water Heater Worth?

Depending on the size of your water heater, you yield will be different. These numbers always change depending on price in the market. In general, you can aim to see roughly $7-$30 for scrapping a water heater. This of course, also depends on if you bring the whole tank or if you bring in parts in addition or if they parts are separated out. To make it easier for you, we are constantly keeping up on prices in the industry. This makes your job easy, simply bring in your tank and get paid. Call ahead to discuss prices if you’d like as well!  

Recycle Your Water Heater At Harry's Metals!

We also provide container services that will allow you to load your materials in where we will haul it back to our facility for processing. 

Contact us today if you have water heaters that you need recycling for. We will discuss your situation. We look forward to working with you and paying you the highest yield possible!

*estimates based on national averages subject to change

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