Yellow And Red Brass Scrap Metal Recycling For Akron, OH
Brass Scrap Metal

Varying percentages of metals meld together to form common brass alloys that are found in home plumbing networks, electrical wires, faucets, and pipes. In broad terms, red brass and yellow brass are commonly accepted at scrap yards. If you have large quantities of yellow and red scrap brass after renovating a bathroom or home plumbing system, you can fetch a considerable return by scrapping the brass. No need to throw these materials out. For the highest value, you can clean and organize your yellow and red brass scrap for recycling that will earn you cold hard cash. 

Types of Brass In Plumbing Scrap

The two broadest categories of brass are yellow and red brass, however, there are more specific sub-categories that depend on the amount of copper and other metals used in creating the alloy. Red brass contains more than 80% copper, 8-10% tin, 2-4% zinc and small quantities of lead. Yellow brass, on the other hand, contains 60-70% copper and 30-40% zinc, tin and lead. For both types of brass, the copper in them is the most valuable element. For more information on yellow and red brass scrap or if you are questioning whether or not your metal is something we will accept, please give our facility a call. We generally accept a very wide range of metals and scrap, but the cleaner and more pure the scrap, the better chance we will accept it, and the higher possible yield. Removing plastic, paint, and other exterior matter that adds weight to your brass will help you gain a higher yield at our scrap yard. If you have copper pipes with brass fixtures at the ends, you can make more money by cutting them off and separating the brass and copper components. We want you to get the highest value possible.

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If you have yellow or red brass plumbing metal, you can bring them to Harry's Metals for fair compensation. For larger, heavier quantities, you can also utilize our scrap container systems to safely load the brass for pickup services. Our experts are constantly keeping up with the prices of various metals throughout the market so we can make sure to get you the best value for your efforts. If you come across more metals in your project, check out our list of materials that we buy to see if we can take it and pay you cash! Contact us today to learn about our latest prices for different types of brass!

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