Carbide Scrap Metal

Carbide Drill BitsBy creating compounds of carbon and certain metals, carbides have become critical materials that strengthen tools used in a variety of industries. In particular, tungsten carbide is a particularly valuable metal that has a high scrap metal value. Tungsten carbides consist of varying levels of tungsten, making the price of carbide scrap fluctuate in a large range depending on the exact amount of metal found. Typically different types of tungsten carbide scrap metal are melted down to extract tungsten which can be further recycled into other products. Carbide can be found in a variety of industries and applications. Heavily used in milling, industrial alloys, surgical tools, and other manufacturing or industrial applications, this material is strong and durable. Eventually, when worn down, don't discard your carbide. Bring it to our scrap yard where we can recycle it and pay you cash for your scrap carbide!

How To Prepare Carbide Scrap

Carbide is often found in machining tools, saws, tungsten filters, and in mining equipment. Due to its hardness and corrosion-resistance, carbide is valuable when larger amounts of tungsten can be retrieved from scrap. To prepare tungsten scrap, you'll want to separate as much material that is not carbide out of your pile, testing pieces that actually have tungsten in them. Tungsten is extremely difficult to scratch, so filing into metal pieces can be a simple test to eliminate non-carbide scrap metal before filtering into more advanced tests. It is important to sort your carbide as much as possible so we can pay you top dollar. The more your scrap is sorted out and clean, the more we can pay you. 

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