Scrap Sheet Iron Metal Recycling

Scrap Sheet IronSheet iron is also known as light iron and is considered to be a broad category for many types of ferrous scrap that can be found in households and commercial establishments. One way to test it is to see if you can stick a magnet to your scrap sheet. If it sticks there is a chance you have some iron in there.

Where To Find Scrap Sheet Iron

To find sheet iron, you don’t have to look far. It is commonly found in large household appliances that include washers, dryers, and ranges. It additionally is used extensively as a building material, which makes it quite common to find when there is any level of building renovation or demolition work being done. This metal is commonly found to be attached to other non-metal pieces, such as plastic, which can be removed for a more pure product that will provide a higher yield at our scrap yard. 

Why Choose Harry’s Metals

We make it easy to recycle your scrap sheet iron metal. Best part is, you get paid for your metal. If you have come across large quantities or a particular bunch of scrap that you cannot transfer easily to our facility, we offer container services. Simply fill up the container, and our team will come and haul your scrap back to our facility. 

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If you are in Akron, OH looking for a place to recycle your scrap sheet iron metal, rely on Harry’s Metals. Many of our customers are returning customers because we have excellent prices and provide great customer service. Contact us today and let us know what kind of scrap you are dealing with!




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