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Welder Using ZincZinc is a metal that is used for a wide variety of applications. New technology has allowed for more zinc to be recycled back into the production cycle, making zinc highly useful when recycled. Zinc can be found in both industrial settings and household settings. You may find zinc in construction materials, automobiles, and appliances. In appliances with stainless steel properties, the anti-corrosion aspect is often partially due to the zinc that can be found within. It used to be harder to extract zinc from different scraped items, but since the end of the 1900s, there has been an improvement in the methods of recycling zinc. 


Why Choose Harry’s Metals?

Harry’s Metals is a go-to for zinc recycling in the industry. A large portion of our business is due to returning customers who have enjoyed the simple process we have created to help get them paid quickly. Not only that, but we are constantly keeping up with the industry and monitoring for price fluctuations, so we can continuously improve and provide you with the best return for your scrap zinc. 

Another benefit to using us is our container services. If you have come across as large quantity of zinc, we can help get it to our facility with our containers. We simply drop it off, you fill it up, and then we come back and haul it to our facility. Best part is, you still get paid quickly. 



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We encourage you to call us to ask about our scrapping and discuss your items you want to scrap. We will make sure you are treated well and given an opportunity to make the best return possible for your zinc.


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