Solids and Turnings Recycling

Solids & Turning RecyclingHarry’s Metals an industry leading solids and turnings recycling service provider in Akron, OH. Our team of professionals ensure the most fair deal on your solids and turnings recycling. We do this by constantly keeping up with the market and understanding prices. We have a large facility that helps us process large quantities of scrap recycling. 


We Purchase As Much As We Can

Regardless of the material or grade of your solids and turnings, we will look to buy your scrap. Recycling this material will help return them to their original form to be turned into new commodities. We can accept ferrous materials such as rotors, drums, or light irons. We also accept non-ferrous materials such as high temperature alloys and aluminum. It doesn’t matter what kind of scrap you have. Whether it is industrial, auto parts, bushelling scraps, or plumbing scraps, we can help. 


Akron Ohio’s Premiere Solids & Turnings Recycling Center

Our robust turnings and solids recycling facility helps make getting paid easier for you. If you have large quantities of solids and turnings, we can certainly process them. We will even send out containers to come to your site and haul your scraps back to our facility for processing. Then we will pay you as quickly as we can.


Contact Us Today!

If you have any questions about our recycling services, please give us a call today. Much of our business is due to our happy customers who return to us. Call us today for a free quote!