Wheel Weights Scrap Recycling

At Harry’s Metals, we provide recycling services for a variety of metals including copper, aluminum, lead, and much more. We frequently get wheel weights as scrap metal that we process for recycling, paying our customers cold hard cash for their scrap. Wheel weights are typically composed of lead, steel, or zinc, all of which we recycle. If you have wheel weights that are made of these materials or something else, you can rely on Harry’s Metals to recycle your wheel weight scrap. 

If you have large quantities of wheel weights to the point where you cannot bring them in, we offer container services to come to your location and pick up your scrap. This is true with all of our scrapping services no matter which kind of metal it is or object. If you cannot bring it in, our containers will be hauled to our facility for processing and you will still be paid for your scrap!


Why Choose Harry’s Metals?

One way we stay ahead of our competition is by providing honest, professional customer service. In fact, a lot of our business comes from recurring customers. This is because we provide such a high level of customer service by paying a fair yield for your scrap, being honest and transparent, and always making sure we keep up on the market prices. 

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So, if you have wheel weights you want to scrap for cold hard cash, bring them into Harry’s Metals in Akron, OH where you will get paid quickly. Take pride knowing that you are doing yourself and the planet a favor by recycling when possible and getting paid to do so. 

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